What time does my child need to be at camp by?
Camp hours are from 6:45am till 500pm.  That does not mean they HAVE to be there at 7am.  You may drop off any time that is convenient for you.  Please keep my number handy though in case we are on a fitness excursion and we will let you know where to bring them (Coach Dodson 365-7600).  And likewise for picking up, they don’t HAVE to stay till 5:00, you may pick up whenever you need them.  Parents often pick up their child for an appointment and then return them to camp.  That is not a problem at all!

Does my child need to bring a Lunch?
​Campers are welcome to bring their own snacks and sack lunch.  We offer healthy snacks & drinks at our snack bar which is available thru out the day.  Typically each item is $1.00 and most campers bring ten dollars or so and we collect and keep up with their money as they spend it in a credit book.  We provide a hot nutritious lunch daily which is planned and approved by a dietician at no extra cost which is available for each camper.

Can my child bring their Cell Phone?
​Campers may bring their phones, ipads or any electronic device they would like.  They are responsible for the care of such device and we only allow them to be used during our 1 hour reading and down time in the afternoons.  They will be on the go most of the day and unable to engage in gaming except for that one hour time frame. 

What type of clothing does my child need to wear?
​Clothing required is comfortable and non-restrictive to allow movement and stretching.  Dress like you would for P.E. class WITH tennis shoes!

What does F.A.N.S. stand for?
​F.A.N.S. is an acronym derived from Fitness, Agility, Nutrition, and Strength.  Your child will learn a great deal about each of these and MUCH more this summer!

What kind of activities will my child be doing during the day?
​A typical day at F.A.N.S. Camp will include: Martial Arts training, ab classes, Dodgeball, Speed & Agility Training, Flexibility classes for sports, Running, Kickball, Sport Specific drills & exercises to enhance athletic performance, Youth Strength Training, P.E. related games and activities and many other endeavors designed to keep your child active and HIGHLY engaged throughout the day!  There is VERY little down time, so they may experience muscle soreness the 1st week.

What do I do when I drop my Child off at camp?
​Your child’s safety and wellbeing will ALWAYS be our #1 priority at F.A.N.S. Camp.  For this reason we ask that each camper is escorted inside by a parent/guardian to be signed in and out each day.  This also helps us keep up with our correct number of kids.

Do I need to send money with my child to camp?
​We usually have a Fun Friday Field Trip each Friday.  We try and plan trips that reward each camper for the hard work they put in during the week.  We coordinate these with local businesses and receive a discounted group rate for the camp.  This is typically around $5.00 or so per camper and we will give you plenty of notice weekly on location and times.

My family has a summer trip planned, will my child lose their spot?
Once your child is pre-registered, they are set to attend the entire 8 weeks OR just any weeks that you want to attend.  You ONLY pay for the weeks that your child attends.  You can pay each Monday when you drop off your child.

We are honored that you are considering allowing us to be a part of your child's sports and athletic endeavors.  We take this honor VERY seriously and will always err on the side of caution and safety in the decision making process in regards to your most prized possession, your child.  We look forward to seeing everyone soon!  Thanks and please contact me withy any further questions or concerns!

Yours for better fitness,

​Coach Adrian Dodson

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This page has been designed to help give parents the answers they need when choosing this program for their children.  If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact us and we will assist you.

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