Greeting Parents !!!!

First of all thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child's fitness/athletic endeavors!.  We really appreciate the overwhelming support in the community as we attempt to change the way kids spend their summer vacations! 

We are down to the final week of camp and hope to see as many folks as possible Monday.  We realize the Gulfport School District kids will be returning to school on July 21st.  Therefore we are offering a discounted rate of $109 for all Gulfport School District campers this last week.  Please identify that as you sign in on Monday and we will adjust your fee accordingly (GSD campers only).

Our closing ceremonies will be at 7pm on Friday July 21st at the foot of Courthouse Road on the beach.  We have the fire pits reserved , volleyball nets, DJ Skruggie spinning tunes, glow gear, pizza and awards will be handed out.  Parents must accompany their children and we encourage you to bring a chair, beverage fo your choice and watch the kids have a great night!

Please go to our Fans Camp facebook page and check your status of attending or not so we can plan accordingly.  We hope the camp has been a great experience for your child and wish everyone a great school year!

Please remember to leave any comments on the page or social media to help us promote by word of mouth.  This allows us to keep our fees reasonable by not spending dollars on advertising.  Also remember to pre-register next summer early as we may fill up even faster next year!


Coach Adrian Dodson

​​@ 7pm

The best summer experience on the coast is back!!


All campers who attended any week of FANS Camp are invited to attend the summer ending bon-fire Friday , July 21st @ 7pm.  There will be music from DJ Skruggie, glow gear, pizza volleyball and awards presented to campers.  Parents MUST attend with your child and can bring lawn chairs and beverages of your choice.  Bonfire location is at the Courthouse Road Pier. Hope to see everyone there !!!


Take a look at all the fun a F.A.N.S. Camp participant gets to have each summer. Be sure your child doesn't miss out!



F. A. N. S. 

Fri , July 21st

This camp has been a rite of passage for local athletes since 2008

Summer Ending Bonfire

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Share your experience with other potential parents of campers!  Read about other children who were transformed by their F.A.N.S Camp experience and the positive impacts the program has had on our youth.

Meet Coach Dodson the founder of the F.A.N.S. Camp experience, and his Staff that are responsible for the best summer experience on the coast for the active child.



F. A. N. S. 

Don't Let your spot get taken!  F.A.N.S. Camp fills up quickly, so be sure to register today to guarantee your child the summer experience they deserve.


F.A.N.S. Camp is an acronym for Fitness, Agility, Nutrition, & Strength.

Changing the Way kids spend their summer vacation!